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Solar panel installers Plymouth Southwest-The biggest way any of us can help the planet is to have solar panels installed to generate our own green energy. With battery storage systems you can also save the electricity for when the sun goes down. Solar works by using photovoltaic energy transfers. The sun gives off u.v rays which are are a form of energy, the solar panels absorb this energy and turn it into valuable electricity. Using this electricity you can run your home without worrying about huge electricity bills. The battery storage is a real game changer as you can safely store this electricity for the evenings.

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Dc energy black edge solar panels are the only product that truly delivers reliable solar power. With remote access via your phone you can check the status of your solar panels to check how they are performing from any where in the world. Unlike other solar panels if one panel is impaired or under performing this will not effect the remaining panels. We can safely say compared to the other products available these are the genuine article that you can 100% trust.

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Battery storage systems

When the sun goes down that's it solar is over and the panels go to sleep. However with our solar panels and battery storage systems you can take advantage of the day time even further by saving electricity aswell for the night time. We install 5.2kw batterys up to 200kw. Our products are state of the art. All our installer's are experts in solar installation

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